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Who is the festival for?

The festival is divided into two parts, the enthusiast days (Friday & Saturday) and the family day (Sunday). If you buy a ticket, it applies for the whole weekend from Friday to Sunday. 

Friday and Saturday are for everyone over 18 years old. The target audience is activity enthusiasts, experienced, active and like-minded people who want to share their passion for the sea. Most activities, except coasteering, require some form of competence. You can read more about this in the activities section on this page.  

If you have a companion who is not involved in sports but wants to participate, we have a reduced ticket for your +1.

Sunday is a family day. You don't need to buy a weekend ticket to join the breakfast or participate in trial activities. Sunday is a free celebration day for the sea, where families with children can try water activities without commitment or experience. The age limit for participating in water activities is 10 years. Exploration activities on land are open to everyone, regardless of age.

The only requirement we have for participants who want to participate in water activities or be near the sea is that they must be able to swim alone without support from others and without swimming aids.


You can buy your ticket on www.hivens.no (billettsalet startar 01. Juni 2024). Her vel du kor mange billettar du ønskjer. Når du går videre for å sjå å handlekorga di får du opp aktivitetsval. Du kan her velje kva paralellaktivitetar du ønskjer å delta i – dykketurar, kayakktur eller coasteering. Kryss av for den aktiviteten du ønskjer å delta i.

Food and drinks

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are included in the ticket. Food is served in the main building at the Runde Environmental Centre, except from lunch during the kayak tour, which will be served during the trip. All dishes will serve every need and is a selection of vegan/vegetarian, non-vegan and fish. Remember to inform us about allergies or intolerances that the kitchen needs to consider.

Drinks are not included in the ticket price. But the Cafè in the Environmental Centre offers a good selection of soft drinks, beer and wine. Coffee and tea is included.


In the overview of activities, the requirements for equipment/certificates, etc. are listed. If you do not have all the necessary equipment, please contact us, and we can check if there is available equipment for loan from Nord Freediver, Herøy Kayak Club, or Herøy Diving Club. Stations for rinsing and drying equipment will be set up.


If you need accommodation, please contact us!

We have several accommodation options in the area.

    1. Runde Miljøsenter – Ground Zero for festivalen – https://www.opplevrunde.no/mat-og-overnatting#booking
    2. Christineborg – https://www.christineborg.no/
    3. Goksøyr Camping – http://goksoeyr-camping.com/
    4. Thon Hotel Fosnavåg – https://www.thonhotels.no/hoteller/norge/fosnavag/thon-hotel-fosnavag/



If you have questions about booking, registration or the program, please you the contact form in the footer below or contact us directly on booking@runde.no

Hope to see you at Runde! =)

Best Regards - your festival team =D

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